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From Billions to Millions: Faster innovation. Greater R&D productivity. The biopharma industry stepped out of its comfort zone with its response to COVID-19, resetting expectations for the pace of innovation and bringing treatments to market. These breakthroughs are taking place at a time when healthcare spend and profitability pressures are on the rise, while affordability gaps keep growing. Our point of view and research demonstrate how R&D productivity can be improved to innovate faster while lowering costs from billions to millions.

Blog on Weaving the digital thread for life sciences – authored by David Twohig and Barry Heavey.

New Science: A new economic reality for growth -  A new economic environment is demanding change for biopharma’s, especially as New Science grows in prominence. New Science, a dynamic combination of the best in science and health technology is filling unmet needs with more precise and effective treatments.

Life Sciences 2021 Tech Vision - Survey of 100 biopharma business and IT executives across seven countries to capture insights into the adoption and use of emerging technologies.

Configure the elusive patient-centric supply chain POV -  We provide a framework to simplify, understand and manage the complexity of the biopharma supply chain and enhance value for all stakeholders.


Watch our webinar on: The power of a digital thread pharma

Accenture and AWS discuss how to deliver more personalised products faster while improving the patient experience. This global event with AWS was last month on 13th Oct.
Driving Digital in Biopharma: Podcast Series

Join us as we talk with industry innovators about digital strategy, value and implementation to transform business and improve patient centricity. (click on the image above)

New Science. Transformative Patient Outcomes.

Biopharma companies can deliver transformative patient outcomes better. They can make the impossible possible.

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